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Hairdressing services

Our pricing structure reflects the skill levels our stylists have obtained determined by training and practical experience.
A consultation is required before any service.

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Ladies’ Styling

Cut and Finish

We provide an in-depth consultation prior to every service. Our consultations involve assessing your face-shape, your lifestyle, your hair type and your maintenance routine to provide you with the perfect cut.

Wet Cut

Blow Dry

Hair Up

Hair Up and Trial

Bridal Hair and Trial

We want your wedding hair to be perfect - tailored to suit your special day. We offer an in-depth consultation together with a practice session to create the perfect bridal look for you, whether in the salon or on location.

Bridal Hair at Home
1 hour in-salon trial before event included

Gents’ Styling

Cut and Finish

Wet Cut

Girls aged 11 to 15

Girls’ Cut and Finish

Girls’ Wet Cut

Girls’ Blow Dry

Girls Under 11

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate under 11’s in the salon.

Boys aged 11 to 15

Boys’ Cut and Finish

Boys’ Wet Cut

Boys Under 11

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate under 11’s in the salon.

Technical Services (Skin test required)

Technical services prices do not include a cut and/or finish. We recommend using Olaplex with all colour and technical treatments. Please enquire for further information. Long hair charges apply.

Full Head Highlights

Our highlights are done using foils to either weave or slice sections of the hair to achieve subtle blends of colour, to the more daring and dramatic contrasts in colour. We offer full head, half head, T-Section or single foils to achieve your look.

Half Head Highlights

T-Section Highlights

Full Head Tint

Using our extensive range of Framesi colours, we are able to colour your hair from roots to tips, giving you a totally natural look or fantastically vibrant makeover.

Roots Tint

We use Framesi Glamour and Framesi 2001 totally exclusive salon professional hair colours that are applied to the root area of your existing colour.

Full Head Bleach/High-Lift Tint

We will assess your hair type, natural colour and condition and then tailor a lightening programme to create your desired result. This full head service is available for untreated hair or regrowth of 4 centimetres or more and Olaplex is included. Toning is not included.

Roots Bleach/High-Lift Tint

We will assess your hair type, natural colour and condition and then tailor a lightening programme to co-ordinate with your existing colour. This roots service is available for under 4 centimetres of regrowth and Olaplex is included. Toning is not included.

Tonal Glossing

We have a wide range of temporary Framesi Eclectic semi permanent salon exclusive hair colours to give you either a totally natural look or sassy vibrant tones, enhancing your natural hair colour or bringing a new depth of extreme shine rich with colour. This is a fantastic way to introduce hair colour - daring or not - the choice is yours.


We can apply a temporary or semi-permanent colour applied to the hair to enhance your colour.

Creative Colour Full Head

Our creative colours involve foiled highlights or slices combined with our tonal glossing to create a totally individual look for you tailored to be as dramatic or subtle as you wish. Available for full head, half head, and T-Section.

Creative Colour Half Head

Creative Colour T-Section


Our balayage service is the process of adding colour to the mid lengths and ends of the hair while leaving, or adding colour to, the darker rooted area and then lightening and intensifying the colour towards the mid lengths and ends to create a seamless colour fade. Also known as a dip-dye or ombré.

Single foils


We offer a wide range of premium hair treatments allowing us to formulate and prescribe a complete and individual hair repair programme for every client. We recommend Olaplex either as a standalone treatment or as a treatment to be added to all technical services.

Olaplex with Colour Service

Olaplex helps permanently rebuild damaged disulphide side bonds within the hair, which break during chemical and heat treatments, restoring elasticity and strength to the hair. Olaplex is compatible with all hair types and also compromised chemically treated hair.

Olaplex Super Service

The Olaplex Super Service is a standalone treatment that allows you to treat previously damaged hair and also maintain strong, healthy hair as it continues to rebuild disulphide bonds within the hair.


Keratin Tamer

We recommend keratine tamers to clients who have hair that is unruly, frizzy, curly or would just benefit from being less troublesome to blow dry.

Full Head Curls/Relaxing

We offer permanent curls using our professional permanent wave system ideal for clients who require extra bounce or body. We can also permanently relax curly, frizzy or unruly hair to allow you the styles you desire.

Section Curls/Relaxing

Fashion Wind

We offer an alternative winding technique for long hair that allows the hair to fall in a corkscrew curl.

Students and NHS student nurses enjoy a 10% discount. No discounts on director services.

VAT Nº 113 4280 54

Clients must have realistic expectations when choosing the level of stylist for their desired service and should be aware that services performed by graduate stylists and stylists will take longer than those performed by their more experienced colleagues.

A root area bleach or high-lift tint service is applicable to under 4 centimetres of virgin regrowth where the ends of the hair have been previously bleached or lifted using a high-lift tint. If the roots are over 4 centimetres long, even if the ends may have been previously bleached or coloured using a high-lift tint, the full head service is applicable due to the extra work and product involved in achieving a satisfactory result.

Self-employed stylists are able to accept payment in cash or cheque only and may set their own prices. We recommend that you enquire beforehand.


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