Gorgeous Hair Cheltenham

Hair Stylists and Technicians

Gary Bullock SRSH

Creative director and salon owner.
Specialising in precision cutting, bleaching and colour theory.

Gary Bullock

Having been in the hairdressing industry since the age of 14 when I started my career as a Saturday boy, I progressed through an apprenticeship and a number of hairdressing competition wins, finally gaining my "City and Guilds" diploma.

Since then I have worked in some of the top hair salons in the county and I have received extensive training in London from some of the industry's top hair professionals.

I am a State Registered Senior Hairdresser, number 938468, and have been granted membership to one of the most prestigious clubs in the hairdressing world, "The Fellowship for British Hairdressers", giving our hair salon its much sought after "Gold Star".

Sammi Costall

Senior stylist and salon manager.

Sammi Costall

I have been a part of the Gorgeous Hair team since day one and have been very lucky to grow with the salon. I started off as just the Saturday girl sweeping hair and doing shampoos and have now progressed to do my NVQ level two and three, working on the salon floor day to day.

The salon is a very unique place to work as you are always learning and improving from the other stylists. We also have the opportunity of being involved in courses and seminars to keep us constantly updated with the latest styles and trends.

At Gorgeous Hair we truly care about the client and their needs and that's the reason why I love working here so much. It is very rare nowadays to be working in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and happy and I hope that the clients that decide to come with us feel the same.

Jade Dadge

Senior stylist and deputy salon manager.

Jade Dadge

I always had an interest in hairdressing as a young girl and now, being part of the Gorgeous-hair team for the past couple of years, I have made my dream become reality and will soon be working towards my NVQ Level 3. I have great attention to detail with fast learning skills giving me the ability to have clients leave the salon with a look they desire.

I love all aspects of hairdressing especially creating freehand balayage which I am very passionate about as this technique leaves each client with an individual colour and style.

I look forward to colouring and styling your hair in the future making you feel gorgeous.

Darren Dodd

Senior stylist. In-depth consultations, highlight specialist.

Darren Dodd

I have been in hairdressing since 2006, achieving my NVQ level 2 in 2009, and have since completed my NVQ level 3.

Being a hairdresser really is a dream career for me. It's something that's ever changing and constantly evolving and no day is ever the same. For me, a good day as a hairdresser is better than any night out.

Apart from working with all kinds of people, being able to change the way that a client can see themselves or even just adding a bounce to their day gives instant job satisfaction. Whether you would like your hair to have a subtle whisper of colour or a bold dramatic shout out, my intent is to achieve this and then some whilst also helping you to have hassle free, healthy hair.

Keep it easy, keep it Gorgeous, keep it you!

Grace Evans

Senior stylist. Balayage specialist.

Grace Evans

Having worked in the salon from the age of 14 I can truly say that Gorgeous Hair is a salon like no other. I am very proud to say that I work here, and I wake up every day eager, ready to go and start my day doing something I absolutely love.

Hairdressing is my passion and it brings me the greatest sense of achievement knowing that my clients are delighted with their hair and feel great about themselves. My greatest pleasure in my job is creative colouring; drastically changing how someone sees themselves for the better and the satisfaction in knowing I have made someone feel more confident in themself. I also love working with, and styling, long hair as I enjoy the challenge of adding some individuality and interest to long hair, especially when it comes to styling, because I love curling and waving the hair to help accentuate the haircut that I have just created.

I believe every person should be able to have a gorgeous hair day, every day. I want every client of mine to leave the salon feeling their best after being relaxed and pampered.

Sian Chittenden

Senior stylist. Colour correction specialist.

Sian Chittenden

I first started my career in hairdressing at the age of 13 as a Saturday girl and have never looked back. Hairdressing was top of my list from a very young age and I love it more now than I ever dreamed I could. The sense of achievement and satisfaction when a client comes in slightly deflated and leaves feeling a million dollars from what you have been able to do for them is the greatest feeling for me and one that will never get old.

My aim is to have every client feeling welcome, confident, and happy, from the moment they enter the salon to the second they leave and my passion to deliver this and a perfect experience for them is what pushes me every day.

I absolutely adore all aspects of hairdressing. From a simple one length cut to the most extravagant colour and curly blow dry, every style is a creation of mine to fit each individual client to help put a bounce in their day.

No two days are the same for us hairdressers, but we'll make sure they're all gorgeous.

Alice Jameson


Alice Jameson

I have always had an interest in hair and beauty from a very young age but was never sure what I wanted to do as a job. After taking a gap year, and talking to friends and family who are hairdressers, I decided that hairdressing is definitely the right career for me so I have begun my NVQ level 2.

I love how every day is different. I'm a keen learner and am looking forward to working in a busy and sociable environment, working with clients to achieve their desired look and learning a skill that I will carry with me for life.

I love to please people and in hairdressing you have the opportunity to make people feel really good about themselves and I'm really looking forward to doing so.

Rachael Turner

Graduate stylist.

Rachel Turner

After beginning my career as a Saturday girl in a prestigious salon it didn't take me long to realise that hairdressing was the path I wanted to go down. I was fortunate enough to quickly excel to an apprentice and took training in my stride. I'm currently doing my NVQ level 2 and after a busy couple of years in a big salon I was ready to find somewhere with a much more personal touch, which is exactly what the Gorgeous Salon is all about.

I am so excited to have joined such a close knit team that truly lives and breathes the industry. Due to my naturally creative flair I can't wait to be qualified and begin some seriously cool hair transformations from crazy colours to eccentric cuts. For me, hair is all about working with my client to accentuate their features and have them leaving the salon feeling incredible.

Belle Wright


Belle Wright

I started working in a hair salon at the age of 15 as a Saturday girl and as soon as I finished school I started working full time. I have always had a big interest in hairdressing since I was young and I can't wait to start my NVQ level 2.

I have a positive attitude, I am a hard worker and I look forward to working in a busy and fun environment. I am so excited to join Gorgeous-hair and become qualified, and I can't wait to make clients' gorgeous and feel better about themselves. I am really looking forward to starting my apprenticeship.

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